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Nodem is the first system that allows you to easily create and manage your bike certificates and warranties.

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About Nodem

Nodem allows you to create & have a digital connection between you and your bike. Making the process of finding, indentiyfing, selling or certificating your bike easier.


Powerful | Secure | Connected | Nodem

Fast & Reliabale

Powered with BlockChain a verification system.

High Tech

Hybrid system, BLE & RFID technology to connect all important parts of your bike

Proof of ownership

Nodem brings car indutry regulation to the biking world. Proof of ownership, certifications and much more.


Your bikeID is conected to a DB that allow, shops, webs, users, and police to easily check and detect your bike on the internet.

Safety spots

Discover safe bike parking racks to park your bike using our app


Easily access your product history and track if it's been sold on the iternet or has been parked somewhere else in your city.

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